Green Golf Academy

La Green Golf Academy fondata dal Head Pro Alessandro Frigerio nel 2014 e diretta insieme al Head Pro Giovanni Ciprandi nasce con l’intendo di soddisfare le esigenze di ogni giocatore creando programmi di insegnamento specifici per ogni livello.

The Green Golf Academy founded by Head Pro Alessandro Frigerio in 2014 and directed together with Head Pro Giovanni Ciprandi was born with the intention of satisfying the needs of each player by creating specific teaching programmes for each level.

Professionalism, competence and passion are the elements that characterise the staff of the Green Golf Academy that also has professional figures integrating technique, physical training, mental training and club fitting for a more complete training programme.

The Green Golf Academy lists among it’s professionals Alessandro Frigerio, Giovanni Ciprandi, Francesco Milan, Elisabetta Bertini and Giovanni Veronelli.

Giovanni Veronelli is the Pro who represents Green Golf Academy in Menaggio.